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who seemed really nice and everything. But a golden ticket

"Big Crazy Barbie."That's the nickname "Idol" judge Nicki Minaj gave Tulsa contestant Zoanette Patilda Johnson, Miss Z told us a couple hours by phone before tonight's "American Idol" episode featuring Oklahoma City auditions.And I can see why the nickname was given. She is, absolutely, a smidgen cray-cray -- which probably explains why I'm a little drawn to her."I'm obsessed with you," Nicki told her after she'd finished singing."Me, too!" Miss Z said. Umm ... I think she meant to say she was obsessed with Nicki, but I wasn't sure.Love her and all, as she was definitely a highlight of the show; but I don't think her voice is going to get her far in the Hollywood rounds.Kayden Stephenson, however, is a different story.The 16-year-old was the evening's tearjerker story, as he talked about having cystic fibrosis, and how his life expectancy is only 35 -- and he talked about it quite matter-of-factly. Once his parents were shown talking, I lost it.But looking at how bright this kid smiles and sounds, and how brave he seems, you'd never know he was sick.The judges fell for him, too, as he sang Stevie Wonder's "I Wish," making each judge melt -- including Mariah, who even said she'd want to cut a record with him.And that, my loves, is pretty much the highlights of the show. We didn't get to see Lexi Schmidt,Burberry Outlet, the 16-year-old Union High School student who is apparently going to Hollywood, too.Instead, we got to see Karl from Joplin, who seemed really nice and everything. But a golden ticket?He sang "I Feel Good," stomping and ... Well, stomping, really, as I'm hesitant to call it dancing. But he's probably got more rhythm than I do, so I shouldn't judge.Anyway, after telling the judges he wanted to be "uncomparable" (not a typo), and after having seemed unfazed by the judges mocking of him throughout the audition, they sent him on to Hollywood -- with four yeses, no less. That had to be a spirit vote. But I'm all for nice underdogs,deofa, so I'll cheer him on.Perhaps the best voice of the night was Nate, a 24-year-old from Virginia (where was all the Tulsa talent, Fox network?), who sang Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life" -- and did so very well. He deserved the four yeses he won.Then there was Halie from Texas, a ventriloquist who, despite potentially looking odd on paper, considering she came in with a dog puppet on her hand,chanelbagsroses, was really sweet.Thankfully, they asked her to put the puppet down, and she had a really good voice -- good enough to get three yes-es. Randy said "no," which wasn't a surprise. But then I remember some other folks from the evening and screamed "WHY?" out loud three times.And then there was Anastacia from Ardmore (right?), who came because God told her to audition. Now,p90x, I'm not going to discount someone when they say God told 'em something because who the heck am I to do that?Of course, after she sang Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" (badly, by the way), "Idol" did this whole "cheap dramatization" of her being called by God, which seemed a little mean at first. I mean, c'mon, don't poke the bear, right?But maybe they did it after she was told NO (softly, I might add), then followed her outside and recorded her childish remarks: "... I will never listen to Mariah Carey ... and I hear she (Nicki Minaj) worships the devil." Really, Pumpkin? Just a couple minutes before,Chanel bags, you were saying how you hoped she liked your makeup.In all, 44 from OKC's auditions made it to Hollywood -- not including Steven Tyler, who showed up in drag at the end. It was a funny little bit. But considering the hundreds who've made it to Hollywood collectively, and there's only 40 spots -- 20 men, 20 women -- to fill, we'll have to keep our fingers crossed pretty tightly for some Oklahoma representation.So go Teams Kayden, Lexi and, of course, Matt Farmer! Peace, love and Big Crazy Barbies ... XOXO
Leanne Hodgson,louboutin, a fundraiser for the charity, said: “We feel that fancy dress and pyjamas along with the 21st anniversary of Herriot Hospice Homecare is the perfect opportunity to make this the biggest and best Midnight walk yet."
The Veterans of Foreign Wars local chapter will host a solemn Memorial Day ceremony honoring fallen soldiers beginning at noon Monday, May 27, Memorial Day, at Slumbering Mountain Cemetery, 300 Heavenly Lane (one block east of 1st Street), in Organ.
On his part,ghd, Director of the Regional Collaborating Office of the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) Essam Zuhair said thalasaemaia affects a growing number of people in the Gulf region.
And they swept aside all before them in Senior One to claim the title, winning 22 from 22 to finish 11 points clear at the top scoring 186 and conceding just 12.
When your order arrives, confirm that it is your "special" dish. Look at the dish before you dine. If it doesn't look like what you ordered, don't eat it and speak with management immediately.
LCHS runs services at four community hospitals in Spalding, Skegness, Gainsborough and Louth, while specialist nurses and teams of therapists work to keep people out of hospital, or get them home sooner.
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